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How science really works?

A video just released by highlights the dynamic, creative, non-linear and essentially collaborative process of science. But does it explain the essentially incremental nature of scientific understanding, or mislead by suggesting that science can be ‘wrong’?

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Living Data Lab meeting

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Scientists Kirrallee Baker and Arjun Verma talk with artists Leanne Thompson, Catherine Nolan, Caterina Mocciola, me, and designer and curator Anita Marosszeky. On the table is a model I made with Kirralee, of the phytoplankton Ditylum brighwellii. We made it … Continue reading

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Water colour

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Changes in light with Ocean depth, as well as turbulence and chemistry, govern size, shape and complexity of phytoplankton. UTS PhD science candidate Kirralee Baker asks if their intricate forms will change as Oceans continue to warm. Kirralee explains to … Continue reading

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How can we understand Ocean acidification?

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Building models is a vital component in understanding. UTS Professor Anthony Baker, Head of Chemistry, explains: Building kits like these were used before computers to model chemical structures. Many scientists today first learned chemistry this way. Physical models can be … Continue reading

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Catherine Nolan Art Pharmacy interview

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Living Data artist Catherine Nolan is interviewed by Felicity Brading for Art Pharmacy. She discusses her work with scientists: Catherine Nolan is an illustrator, painter, coral reef explorer and passionate conservationist. *You have recently collaborated with artists and academics for … Continue reading

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ICE lab meeting #3 – 05.06.14

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French Canadian artist Lorraine Beaulieu responds to conversations with climate scientists in Antarctica with Drapeaux (flags), Cyanotype fabric installation (2008), Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires. More icons of connection expressed in art and science … Continue reading

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Cabinet of Curiosities

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The Living Data Cabinet of Curiosities is installed on level 3, building 4 (Science) at the University of Technology, Sydney, for launching in Green Week next week. Clockwise from top left: Ocean water and sediment Samples in glass flask with … Continue reading

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Living Data in Beijing

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Living Data and Lynchpin visualisations are presented at the Beijing City International School. Teachers lead their students in workshops to respond in different ways in order to relate these to their studies in climate change and sustainability. Teachers and students … Continue reading

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Living Data for Green Week 2014

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Expressionist responses to concerning changes

  Gernam Expressionist dance first inspired me at the age of 5 when I met Cecilia Waldman, a pupil of Rudolph Laban. Cecilia fled from Nazi Germany to live in Melbourne, where my grandmother became life-long companions of her and … Continue reading

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