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Circular economy

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[T]he circular approach is a framework that takes insights from living systems. It considers that our systems should work like organisms, processing nutrients that can be fed back into the cycle—whether biological or technical—hence the “closed loop” or “regenerative” terms … Continue reading

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Knowldge, obsession, daring

What chiefly characterises creative thinking from the more mundane forms are (i) willingness to accept vaguely defined problem statements and gradually structure them, (ii) continuing preoccpation with problems over a considerable period of time, and (iii) extensive background knowledge in … Continue reading

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Gateways to greater science acceptance

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Living Data contributes to the Interpretation Centre for the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) in Chowder Bay, developed by scientist Dr Inke Falkner. The centre opens to the public soon, to inspire us all to understand, value and protect … Continue reading

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