ICE Lab meeting #4 – 19.06.14

Present: Jason, Aanya, Leanne, Arjun, Caterina, Jonathan and myself.

It was very thought provoking having Dr. Jonathan Marshall form the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) join us today to talk about his work and how it relates to Living Data.

Jonathan spoke to us about existential questions surrounding myths, how this relates to the human understanding of the world, and how shifting society’s behaviours requires shifts in their beliefs (developed through mythology): we need a new myth with symbology to transcend the obsolete myths.

Utilising a Jungian perspective Jon spoke to key myths of Apocalypse, Millennium, Creation, Edenic Nature, Technocracy and Market Religion. It would be great to find a copy of the book that Jon edited -  Depth Psychology: Di

sorder and Climate Change, which is unfortunately out of print.

Leanne angled the discussion towards economic philosophies of changing. Both the issues involved with trying to put a monetary value on everything and issues of free-market economics were discussed. The discussion then moved to social integration and disintegration and the development of language as a point of difference, which led us back to the aims of Living Data.

We’re looking forward to Jon’s partner Sally joining us in a few weeks or so after she submits her PhD, to talk about her work researching the psychology of climate change activists.

Another purpose of today’s meeting was to give the ubiquitous update on projects, particularly the Library stairwell project: I agreed to define the mobile parameters with the scientists who are applying their data, then talk to Andrew and determine a budget for materials which can then be submitted to the Library for consideration.

Sending best wishes to Lisa and family for the next couple of weeks.


We’ve also received some bleached coral samples from the School of Environment’s Climate Change Cluster, a sample of which can be seen below.

bleached coral collection

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One Response to ICE Lab meeting #4 – 19.06.14

  1. Lisa Roberts says:

    Interesting that discussion returns to language, which we spoke about in an early meeting.

    It would seem that language evolves through cycles of development and disintegration of myths and symbols that transcend the obsolete, or no longer useful, ways of understanding.

    Could it be useful to apply the language of biology, rather than economics, to describe how we sustain our selves?

    In the language of economics, the same words used in science assume opposite meanings. For example, in economics ‘producers’ are the people who make and provide goods and services for ‘consumers’. In the language of science, on the other hand,

    Producers are plants and other photosynthetic organisms, which use light to make energy and sugar. Consumers are organisms, such as animals, that feed on producers and other consumers.

    Campell, Reece, Meyers, Biology. 8th Edition. Australian version. 2009 Pearson Benjamin Cummings