Choreographer Barbara Cuckson writes,

Dear Lisa
Music is Bizet, from the Opera “L’Arlesiene” Intermezzo. (Agnus Dei)

When I first heard the music, I felt that it represents the breathing that is life itself, with its continuous and powerful pattern, and is then expressed by the uplifting, emotive, hymn-like motif.
However the music evokes a sense of its inevitable but unsentimental doom, the end is present from the beginning.

So the choreography echoes this, it passes the breath like a sigh, from side to side, from up to down, from person to person. Sometimes it is in unison, sometimes in parallel, sometimes in opposition, in a similar way that bells do toll, swinging in their predictable patterns. Eventually the whole comes to rest. It has drama but no emotion, it makes no comment or judgement.

Hope that helps. This is based on breathing and the circle, not so much eights. Eights (Infinity)are though, of course, a double circle.

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