The boy who loved the rain

The boy who loved the rain brings to life a boy’s profound connection to water and the dire consequences of ceasing to care about it. The animation was written, directed and animated by Tom Fraser in 2005, when he was a student at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. He used an under camera animation technique of painting on glass. The fluidity of the paint, choreography and editing align with the flowing nature of water. It appeals to body knowledge of moving through rain. Rain is part of the weather making process that is connected to other living systems, including humans. Most of the living system is water, including our bodies. We glean data through our bodily senses, as well as through our minds, not to mention such devices as satellite systems and televisions. But how do we make sense of all the data that comes our way? How we think about things may not align with our feelings of connection to them. As the animation shows, things get dangerous when connection to the environment is lost. How is water important to you?

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