Molecular dance

How do molecules move in water? They slide past each other in close proximity. I see this quality in video footage of people walking and talking in between improvisation exercises I had set them to perform. These in-between movements are more natural and flowing than the set improvisations! Frame by frame I trace one of these unexpected dances, using dots to describe the watery movements of heads, shoulders, elbows, hands etc. More complex patterns and rhythms emerge from layering and re-positioning dots. Shakuhachi music, played by scientist and artist Rupert Summerson, adds a sense of moving through the natural world.

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One Response to Molecular dance

  1. Claire says:

    Hi Lisa. . . it’s taken me a while to get here, but how glad I am here now. Your dancing molecules are lyrical and hypnotic, especially when accompanied by Rupert’s shakuhachi music. A fine partnering of disciplines and elements – science and art, music and biology; your choreography intersects beautifully with the visual, auditory and scientific (and more, no doubt!). Thank you.