Muse exhibition

Artist-curator Christine McMillan begins to plan the exhibition layout for The Muse.

Project leader Lisa Roberts begins to write information sheets for the art works.

The Muse, Harris St. Ultimo (opposite ABC studios)

The Muse front entrance

The Muse North Wing

Technical producer Ken Wilson adjusts lighting for Melissa Smith's 'Dissolve' installation.

Sea levels rise with pteropod wings dissolving.

A bay of melting ice


Increasing Variability - animation


Ashley Macqueen, Caterina Mocciola, Nigel Helyer and Christine McMillan set up Living Data.

Caterina Mocciola, Christine McMillan, Ashley Macqueen

Caterina Mocciola, Christine McMillan, Ashley Macqueen

Dancers Cat and Ash plan a journey from one end of the gallery to the other: from ocean to land, from micro organism to human. Cat becomes trapped in a dress made (by Christine) of threaded carp scales. Throughout the journey Ash follows Cat. She is living data. In reality Ash is a fresh water ecologist. He is a scientific and aesthetic investigator. In the dance they connect and evolve…

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