Value of gestures

A puppet's gestures can best express extreme emotions when the puppeteer maintains control.

In The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals (1980) Charles Darwin suggests that gestures of extreme violence or extreme passivity in the face of great loss can block recovery of brain ‘elasticity’:

He who gives way to violent gestures will increase his rage; he who does not control the signs of fear will experience fear in a greater degree; and he who remains passive when overwhelmed with grief loses his best chance of recovering elasticity of mind. These results follow partly from the intimate relation which exists between almost all the emotions and their outward manifestations; and partly from the direct influence of exertion on the heart, and consequently on the brain.

[E]xpression in itself, or the language of emotions as it has sometimes been called, is certainly important for the welfare of mankind.

Charles Darwin, The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals. Pub. Echo Library 2007. pp.198-199
Available online at Google Books.
Previously published: London: J. Murray, 1890.

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