Climate change story for animation

This story by plankton ecologist Martina Doblin expresses concern for the well-being of all life forms. The challenge is to bring her story to life in ways that can reach many people.

If you think about how marine life is responding to climate change, it’s a bit like people living on islands that are slowly being inundated by sea level rise. The change isn’t perceptible at first, but then when the tide reaches your front door, you realise there’s a problem.

And just as there are complexities for environmental refugees who have to leave their homes and live elsewhere, many marine species have limited options for dealing with climate change. They can migrate or retreat just like islanders, or adapt to their new environmental conditions.

Some species have very limited dispersal capabilities and will therefore be forced to retreat or adapt. Imagine having to rebuild your house and change the way you live, just so that you can stay in the area you want to live…

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