Opening climate science art & talks

Professor William Gladstone, Head, School of the Environment, Science (UTS) leads a Discussion with:

Professor Juanita Sherwood Indigenous Australian scholar from the Transforming Cultures Research Centre, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (UTS)

Dr Steve Nicol, Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and an Honorary Fellow at the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, University of Tasmania

Dr So Kawaguchi, Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and Manager of the AAD Krill Research Program.

Dr Daniel Ramp, Senior Lecturer, School of the Environment, Science (UTS) and Co-founder of THINKK – the think tank for kangaroos, an academic forum that fosters greater understanding among Australians of kangaroos

Professor Bill Gladstone, UTS. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Professor Juanita Sherwood, UTS. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Dr So Kawaguchi, Australian Antarctic Division. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Dr Steve Nichol, AAD, CAMLR, UTAS. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Dr Daniel Ramp, UTS. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Midden (Pteropod shells) 3D print by Melissa Smith. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Going against the tide by Rose McGreevy. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Phytoplankton courante by Eveline Kolijn with (above) Foragers by Leanne Thompson. Photo: StephenPierce

Phytoplankton illuminations. Prints by Evelijn Kolijn

Wake up, freak out, get a grip. Animation by Leo Murray. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Algae data animation by Paul Fletcher with Jennifer Clark and The Cars That Ate Parity by Paul sutton

Prime orderly dance video by Dean Walsh

Phyto Bling. Engraved acrylic objects by Lisa Roberts


Polarity. Dance video by Christina Evans. Photo: Stephen Pierce

Undermine cook book by Carina Lee

Diatoms. Etchings by Shona Wilson

When I Was a Buoyant by Josh Wodak. Photo: Stephen Pierce

UTS C3 Algal biofuel living laboratory. Supriya Guruprasad, Dale Radford, Bojan Tamburic & Martin Schliep


Photo: Lauren Commens

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