Codes of sense and reason

Caterina Mocciola, Dancer and choreographer

Dancer/choreographer Caterina Mocciola leads a conversation around Codes of sense and reason.

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I found the interviews fascinating. They seemed to draw me in as as if I was in the room with the speakers. I was absolutely transfixed by the description of the coral and the cause of bleaching.

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  1. Lisa Roberts says:

    The codified language of Rudolph Laban is useful as a tool to communicate the nature of movement qualities. Dance historians use his Labanotation for recording classical ballets. Dance therapists use his words (flick,press etc) to describe and psychoanalyse habitual gestures. Symbols and words can be useful tools.

    I recognise the dance of Gertrud Bodenwieser as a language of the body as well as one of words, and her art as her holding of these parts of ourselves in dynamic equilibrium.

    Most deeply satisfying can be when joyous (unconscious) feeling and (conscious) thinking come together. I experience this in the Bodenwiesser forms that I practice, observe and draw. For example when I recognise a gesture being made for pure pleasure is evolving into something beyond personal feeling (the growth of a tree, rushing of a river…).

    For me art is an experience of no division from the natural world, when feelings and thoughts are converging. It is a spiritual experience of communication. Most satisfying is the surprise of understanding that comes from that process and knowing that the process is forever unfolding.

    For me that satisfaction comes through the primal forms, as well as words, in Bodenwieser’s art. She understood the significance of what she had created and wrote about it. The knowledge embodied in her students, as well as in her writings and recordings of her dances, are her legacy. I feel strongly that the spirit of Bodenwieser’s art is most useful today in a world falling apart as feeling disengages from thinking.