Cabinet of Curiosities

Anita Marosszeky is Living Data Curator and Visiting Fellow in the School of Environment, Faculty of Science, University of Technology, Sydney. Here she prepares exhibits for the Cabinet of Curiosities on level 3, building 4, of the Ultimo campus, for inclusion in Green Week.

The Living Data Cabinet of Curiosities is installed on level 3, building 4 (Science) at the University of Technology, Sydney, for launching in Green Week next week.

Living Data Cabinet of Curiosities 01

Clockwise from top left:
Ocean water and sediment Samples in glass flask with engraved iridescent-coated acrylic diatom form suspended, mounted on metal tripod;
Dinoflagellate Bloom UTS C3 Card by Martina Doblin;
Diatom musica Necklace made with ear phones and engraved iridescent-coated acrylic diatom form, mounted on two square metal quadras;
iridescent phyto bling Engraved iridescent-coated acrylic diatom forms (x2) on pale blue fluorescent acrylic sheet, mounted on square metal quadra;
Aquatic casting slide Laser-cut clear acrylic sheet.

Living Data Cabinet of Curiosities 02

Clockwise from top left:
Secchi disk Painted disk with rope;
Sea levels rising around Australia 1920-200 Data by John Church et al. engraved and tinted by Lisa Roberts into four clear acrlyic sheets, mounted with steel screws;
Seagrass leaf UTS C3 Card by Stacey Trevathan-Tacket and Amy Keagy.

Living Data Cabinet of Curiosities 03

Clockwise from top left: Diatoms   UTS C3 Card by Martina Doblin;
Living algae   Algal culture in clear acrylic flask;
Ditylum rightwellii   Clear acrylic culture flasks engraved and tinted by Lisa Roberts in conversation with Kirralee Baker;
Algal forms dance   Three coloured fluorescent acrylic sheets (red, violet, green) engraved by Lisa Roberts and mounted in small heat sink.

Cabinet of Curiosities joins the Living Data Atrium on level 3, building 4 (Science), University of Technology, Sydney.

Nature Works, etchings by UTS scientist Andy Leigh, are joined by the Cabinet of Curiosities.


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