Flow chart of methods that shape animations

Living Data evolves through mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationships that develop with scientists and other artists. Collaborators share stories, hypotheses, data and iconography for the common purpose of expanding understanding climate change and the effects of climate on people. Animations are made that combine scientific data and subjective responses to the changes measured. The Blog documents dialogues between collaborators, contributors and observers. Animations and other art works contribute to an evolving Big Picture overview: Oceanic Living Data. Like a scientific model, this visualisation evolves to reflect new knowledge.

While I may be the one who leads the storytelling of Living Data, the story I present does not belong to me or even to the amalgamation of research participants. Guided by Wilson (2008) I recognise the story as part of the relationships between us and the world.

Core scientific data come from the Climate Change Cluster, University of Technology, Sydney, and the Australian Antarctic Division.



Wilson, S. (2008) Research is ceremony. Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing




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