Living Data?

Research Abstract, May 2011

Living data: Animation brings scientific data to life

The need to communicate accurate and accessible information about the integral connections between human actions and the global ecosystem is urgent. As artists and scientists we propose a two-year program of research into how art and science methods can be used to make digital animations that present scientific data in ways that can expand awareness of the place of humans within the natural systems. A visual language of archetypal forms used in art and science to describe feelings of connection and forces of change in the natural world will be combined. Animations that appeal to the senses and intellect will give new meanings to climate change data by connecting them to human experience. Animations will be made accessible from a free on-line archive and distributed widely. Our research will model a new pedagogical framework for teaching and learning that reflects our view of the world as a dynamic integrated whole.

Roberts, L; Doblin, M.; Kenning, G.

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