Art as a natural growing organism under threat

‘New journalist’ Norman Mailer came up in conversation last night, with a house mate who is researching for an essay about graffiti. In 1959 Mailer writes: The sickness of our times for me has been just this damn thing that … Continue reading

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Symphony in Connecticut

A request arrives and we agree to Living Data animation being played with a symphony orchestra in Connecticut: Hi, Lisa I’m in the process of creating a video / DVD product showing the beauty of classical music to children aged … Continue reading

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How is climate change affecting corals?

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Catherine Nolan sends images of her work in progress and a plan with notes: The paintings are related to the way climate change is affecting coral reefs, and will contain images that have developed from what I have learned, both … Continue reading

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Deluding Doubters & Double Dealings?

When? 6:00 PM, 5 March 2014 Where? UTS The Great Hall How can science, politics and the media come together? Why is there no mass movement to address climate change?

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Cultivating Creativity

Bill Gladstone alerts me to this paper: Cultivating Creativity in Conservation Science CLARE E. ASLAN1, MALIN L. PINSKY2, MAUREEN E. RYAN3,4,5, SARA SOUTHER6 andKIMBERLY A. TERRELL7 Article first published online: 27 NOV 2013 DOI: 10.1111/cobi.12173 © 2013 Society for Conservation … Continue reading

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Codes of sense and reason

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Dancer/choreographer Caterina Mocciola leads a conversation around Codes of sense and reason. On Mon, 07 Apr 2014 11:19:30 +1000 Rosemary Simons <> writes: I found the interviews fascinating. They seemed to draw me in as as if I was in … Continue reading

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This painting represents the cycle of relationships between krill, diatoms, whales and birds. Movement qualities in the lines suggest the artist’s training as a dancer. Carolyn Whan (1955 – 2012) was an Australian artist whose great grandparents came from China, … Continue reading

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Drawing microscopic forms from life

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The tiny space beneath the microscope is suddenly a whole world. Finally I get to draw microscopic plants and animals from life. I see a green Hydra, a Spyrugyra (a genus of filamentous green algae) and a Vorticella-like creature (a … Continue reading

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No one way is right but some ways are useful

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Two way conversations between scientists and artists have begun. Artist Catherine Nolan reflects on our meeting with scientist Chris Evenhuis and explains her methods of understanding. Catherine Nolan writes: I find that I need to visually investigate a subject in … Continue reading

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Water is the Most abundant Substance in Cells

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Water accounts for about 70% of a cell’s weight, and most intracellular reactions occur in an aqueous environment. Life on Earth began in the ocean, and the conditions in that primeval environment put a permanent stamp on the chemistry of … Continue reading

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